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Recently we uploaded just over 1.25 million mileage readings to the NMR via Batch. As of the 20th Feb 2016 at 19:04 the NMR contained 18,512,000 mileage readings.

The A to Z of Irish Vehicle Manufacturers

For the seventh article in our dazzling alphabetical manufacturer study we have encountered another issue with the A-Z sequence. We have no major car manufacturer in Ireland starting with the letter G. We should have thought this idea out better beforehand. Anyway, since we have Honda and Hyundai battling for the H position,  we will do what we did for Fiat and Ford and bring one forward. Going by fleet size Honda has been bumped into the G position and Hyundai will claim the H spot.

So to recap on which manufacturers we have done so far:

G for Honda

As of March 2016 there are 70,368 Honda vehicles on Irish roads. Honda have earned a great reputation for their legendary reliability and overall customer satisfaction. Here is a profile view of the Irish Honda fleet by registration year.


2016 March Live Irish Honda Fleet

Honda’s are a great second hand buy and bearing in mind that December is a quite month for car sales, over 4,000 Honda’s change hand each month in Ireland. Used transactions for the last three months are shown below.


2015 December to Feb 2016 Used Honda Sales

Most Honda’s sold in the used car market have two or more owners, as shown in the table below. A larger number of previous owners gives greater opportunity for vehicles to be clocked, watch out especially for Honda’s that have more owners than a typical vehicle of that age or that have had recent ownership changes. This information is readily available from an Online Car History Check.


December 2015 to Feb 2016 Honda Used Sales and Number of Owners

As always, if you are not buying a used Honda from a main dealer, i.e. privately, the service history should be verified and one should always check the mileage using an online mileage check such as Cartell.ie, especially if your vehicle has more than one previous owner.


* Data source Carstat  © 2016. Owners are truncated at max 10 and registration year is limited to post 1990. The data covers all road registered vehicles that carry the Honda brand.

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