Social Media

With all the hype these days concerning social media, we though that it would be interesting to devote a page to it.

Here are a few links that may be of interest!


A website for professionals and companies, this is a link to the LinkedIn page, you can see more about the company and people that maintain the NMR in Ireland.

Cartell on LinkedIn
You might even recommend our service to others!


Random bits of interesting news, links to articles, basically anything that will fit into 140 characters. If you have a twitter account, click the image below to follow. We Tweet about once or twice a week on average and are happy to read your tweets too.
follow us on twitter


A place to find old friends, some company information, it’s a bit of a privacy nightmare really. If you have a Facebook account, just click the image below to visit our page. Feel free to ‘Like’ to keep up to date with company news and updates. It’s also a good place to provide feedback to us, your opinions and ideas are always welcome.

find us on facebook

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