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Q: I have already purchased the vehicle and now find it has been clocked. What should I do?

A: We would strongly advise you to seek advice from the National Consumer Agency, Lo-Call 1890 432432, or 01 4025555. We would be happy to cooperate with any investigation they carry out. Please note in all cases the Garda will not be able to help as clocking is a not an offence..

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Q: There is no mileage discrepancy currently indicated by the National Mileage Register can I please have the mileages you hold?

A: No unfortunately in order to protect the database, mileages can only be disclosed on discrepant vehicles. If we were to supply mileages they could be used by unscrupulous ’seller’ to clock a vehicle..

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Q: I believe that a previous mileage entered on your database is incorrect. Can it be changed?

A: In order to best protect you, mileages cannot be removed without evidence to prove they are incorrect. If you can provide written information that proves a mileage reading is wrong (e.g. service history, NCT) please supply Cartell with a copy of the proof and we will be happy to evaluate and amend the reading […]

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Q: There is a discrepancy on the vehicle I have checked? Should I buy it?

A: All of the mileage information on the NMR is supplied by third parties in good faith and cannot be validated. If you have any queries regarding the mileage we have provided, we suggest you speak to the Vendor of the vehicle to provide evidence to back up the vehicles mileage; for example the service […]

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