NMR Used Mileage Mercedes Benz

Today we uploaded in excess of 1.1 million mileage readings to the NMR. As of 17:00 on 19/08/2019 the NMR contains 32,814,535 mileage readings.

Mercedes Benz Used Mileage

As of today there are 78,848 Mercedes Benz cars in the Irish fleet of which 27,097 are imported. When buying a premium brand such as Mercedes, it makes sense to check that the history and mileage are in order. If you are wondering if the mileage on your Mercedes is high or low, have a look at the Cartell Personal Login where a free Mileage Estimator based on NMR data can help guide you. The Mileage Estimator can provide you with Very Low, Low, Average, High and Very High figures for cars like yours – all you need is your registration. In any case a Cartell Car History check using Ireland’s largest mileage data set can provide peace of mind against clocking.

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