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Today we uploaded over 1.5 million manufacturer sourced mileage readings into the National Mileage Register.  As of the 15th of June 2015 at 10:44 the NMR contains 15,870,690 individual mileage readings.

E is for Fiat

For the fifth article in our popular alphabetical manufacturer study we encountered a slight problem. Even though the letter E is the most popular in the English language (and the reason why we have so many in scrabble) we had a poor choice of vehicle manufacturers starting with E. In addition, for the next article, we have the opposite problem with the letter F, we would have to choose between two giants of motoring Fiat and Ford. So a good compromise was reached, we put Fiat into the E slot (as Fiat comes before Ford alphabetically) and Ford will take the F slot.

Fiat has a long history in Ireland and as of June 2015 continues to have a live fleet of 51, 832 vehicles on Irish roads. Here we show the age profile of the Fiat fleet.

2015 June Fiat ROI fleet

Fiat ROI Fleet June 2015

The Fiat used car market is quite strong and almost 2000 Fiat cars exchanged hands every month in 2015.


Fiat ROI Used Car Sales Mar to May 2015

 Most Fiat cars sold in the used car market between March and April 2015 had two or more owners. A larger number of previous owners gives greater opportunity for vehicles to be clocked, watch out especially for vehicles that change hands relatively often.


Fiat Number of Owners for ROI Used Car Sales Mar to May 2015

As always, if you are not buying a Fiat from a main dealer, i.e. Privately, the service history should be verified and one should always check the mileage using a market leading car history check such as Cartell.ie, especially if your vehicle has more than one previous owner.

* Data source Carstat  © 2015. Owners are truncated at max 10 and registration year is limited to post 1990..

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