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Today we uploaded over 1.05 million mileage readings into the National Mileage Register via batch.  As of the 12th of August 2014 at 15:07:03 the NMR contains 12,403,916 individual mileage readings.


For the second article in our popular alphabetical manufacturer informatrix there is only one manufacturer that can lay claim to the letter B. That can only be Bayerische Motoren Werke, more commonly known as BMW.

BMW used vehicle stats for ROI Q2 2014 are in the region of 4,000 transactions per month.The vast majority of these sales are for vehicles with more than one previous owner.


BMW Used Sales Transactions Q2 2014*

A larger number of previous owners gives greater opportunity for vehicles to be clocked. BMW Ireland have worked hard to ensure the approved second hand vehicles it sells are free from the scourge of clocking. With clocking rates in the region of 10-12% it’s possible that up to 400 BMW’s per month might otherwise be sold with altered odometers. Buying from a BMW franchised dealer greatly reduces the risk of buying a clocked car.


BMW Used Sales Transactions By Owner Graph Q2 2014*

If you are not buying from a main dealer, e.g. Privately, the service history should be verified and one should always check the mileage using a reputable car history check such as Cartell.ie, especially if your vehicle has more than one previous owner.

* Data source Carstat  © 2014.

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