April Rule Dont be Fooled by Low Mileage

Today we uploaded in excess of 260,000 mileage readings via batch. As of 16th April 2013 at 16:39 the National Mileage register contains 8,573,681 mileage records.

April Fool

We are all aware of April Fool pranks and the amusement they bring. Many people do their best not to be caught out on April 1st paying particular scrutiny to all information recevied on that day before acting on it.

I remember one of my favourite gags was to pass on a business lead to someone looking for extra work. Now this person HATES being the victim of April fools, and was not paying enough attention when given a phone number contact for a Mr. Lyons. He only realised his mistake when he was connected to the Dublin Zoo switchboard….

Gags aside, it isn’t quite so funny when you find out that it’s not April 1st anymore and your odometer is reminding you every day of a foolish gamble. With official recognition that the clocking rate is at least 10% of all used cars it’s only a matter of time before you or someone you know will end up caught out. Everyone is looking for a bargain these days, but time and time again its these ‘bargains’ that turn out to be ‘too good to be true’.

When buying a car, just treat every day like its April 1st.

Murdock, it's been clocked!

Murdock, it’s been clocked!


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