A used car for Christmas

This morning we uploaded over 146,000 mileage records via batch. As of 17th December 2012 11:46 the national mileage register contains 7,764,304 mileage entries.

A car for christmas?

Savvy consumers know that the best deals in used cars can be had just before Christmas. Used Car Dealers don’t want to carry excess stock over the Christmas period.There are several reasons for this:

  • Vehicles will be a year older (by the reg plate) in January
  • They need to make space for newer stock
  • Less cars to secure over Christmas
  • After a tough year, dealers could do with the cash over christmas

So if you have the cash available (and preferably not looking to trade in a vehicle) its a great time to take advantage of the situation.

Some extra tips for this approach:

  • Buy from a reputable dealer (one that will still be in business in 2013!)
  • Make sure the car is fully roadworthy etc. and NCT is done as many offices/garages are closed over the festive period.
  • Even though you are willing to buy quickly, don’t be rushed into a deal, and never pay cash!
  • Carry out a Car History Check to verify documenation etc. and of course the mileage!

Happy Christmas from all at the NMR

18/12/2012 Update

Good news in the fight against clocking cars! The Cartell Clocking Bill may soon make it illegal to clock a car!.

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