Data demographics for used car mileage

This morning we uploaded over 140,000 mileage readings via batch. As of 4th September 2012 10:25am the National Mileage register contains 7,155,925 mileage readings.

NMR mileage demographics

Noting that our fleet is rapidly ageing, we had a quick look at our recent mileage data, to confirm that were still receiving quality data for vehicles less than four years old. We reviewed NMR readings for vehicles that had their odometers checked in July and August 2012. We then compared the frequency of each registration year against the total for the past twelve years.

Registration Year* Percentage of readings**
2012 8.4
2011 9.8
2010 10.3
2009 8.5
2008 15.5
2007 13.6
2006 8.7
2005 6.8
2004 5.4
2003 4.4
2002 3.9
2001 2.5
2000 2.4

Given that very few new vehicles were registered in Ireland since 2009, it is important to see that almost 40% of our recent mileage data covers this period.

 Statistical notes

*Registration year derived from plate (i.e. 2009 registered car derived from 09D12345).**Percentage of mileage readings taken in July/August 2012 for vehicles registered between 2000 and 2012..

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