Mileage Database Surpasses Five Million Readings

Today we uploaded in excess of 228,000 individual mileage readings via batch. As of 26/08/2011 11.20 am the National Mileage Register contained 5,043,314 entries. This is a great achievement for the NMR, the largest mileage database in Ireland dedicated to the prevention of car clocking. The five million reading mark is a special milestone for us we celebrate our fifth year in business this summer.

Clocking Voids Vehicle Warranty

It is generally accepted that modifying a vehicle (which includes tampering with odometer) may invalidate the manufacturer warranty. As part of our drive to educate car buyers on the pitfalls of buying a clocked car we decided to research the implications of presenting a clocked car for warranty work. We identified some of the main manufacturers that impose a mileage limit on their warranty and contacted them via email. These were Fiat, VW Group, Ford, Nissan,Toyota,Honda,Hyundai,Mazda,Suzuki and Volvo.

We didn’t expect a speedy response to our query, however, Nissan were the first to respond.

Thank you for your email. Please see attached page 5, point 2.8, point 6 of Nissan’s Warranty Booklet and Maintenance Record outlining Nissan’s position regarding altered odometers.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service Department
Nissan Ireland


6. Any vehicle on which the mileometer has been altered or replaced so that the reading does not correspond with the actual mileage of the vehicle without official registration on the Warranty Certificate (inside front cover of this booklet), or on which the Vehicle Identification Number and/or Engine Number have been altered or removed.

Well done to Nissan on excellent customer service!

Update 01/09/2011

Volkswagen Group Ireland responded with a very clear policy on tampered odometers.

We would like to advise that if the odometer has been tampered with to alter the mileage reading this would void the warranty even though our manufacturer’s warranty is without mileage limitation.  We instruct our authorised retailer network to report such instances to the relevant authorities and ourselves.

If there are any safety campaigns that need to be carried out these will be completed as the safety of our customers is of the utmost importance.

Many thanks to the Volkswagen group for a comprehensive response to our queries.

Second Update 02/09/2011

Volvo Car Ireland have furnished us with a detailed response to our questionnaire.

If the odometer is discovered to have been unlawfully tampered with, the warranty on the vehicle becomes void, however we do not ignore a concern with the car and we will try to help the customer.  Notwithstanding this, recall actions relevant to the vehicle will be carried out at Volvo’s expense.

Volvo added that even for tampered vehicles, Volvo would bear costs for warranty work that affected the safety of a vehicle, however, “Other work will be carried out at the expense of the customer“. In the interests of providing a comprehensive customer service to their customers they did say that “This is Volvo’s policy, but the national sales company are authorised to accept any possible repair cost on a goodwill basis

Many thanks to the Volvo Aftersales department.

Third Update 02/09/2011

Fiat / Alfa Romeo have kindly responded, I have included some of the questions to give context to their answers.

Q: If the odometer is discovered to have been tampered with when a vehicle is presented for warranty work, do you ignore or research the issue?

The days of physical ‘odometer tampering’ are largely over as most cars have digital odometers these days. Therefore, if someone has changed the odometer reading it is not obvious unless there is a previous record of mileage which throws up a discrepancy. In this eventuality, the case would be automatically be investigated prior to the processing/acceptance/payment of any claim.

Q: If odometer tampering is discovered but actual mileage is within warranty what would you do?

We always endeavour to find out why there’s a discrepancy in mileage readings. It can often be caused by simple human error – a mistake made by someone keeping records in a dealership or the owner themselves inputting the incorrect mileage details, for example. We endeavour to correct these errors to avoid future discrepancies. Under our initial manufacturer warranty there is no mileage limitation so there is actually no benefit to altering the odometer reading – it would only serve to cause delays in claim processing. However, if no reasonable explanation can be found we would be force to reject the claim altogether and notify the owner that their warranty has been voided.

Q: If the odometer reading has been altered to bring a vehicle back within the warranty terms any such claim would be declined?

If we have conclusive proof that the odometer reading has been altered to bring a vehicle back within the warranty terms any such claim would be automatically declined.

Many thanks to the Fiat Group for their contribution.

More manufacturer responses as we receive them…….

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  1. Dan Wall
    Posted September 2, 2011 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    It beggars the question; Why does the manufacturer make it so easy to change the odometer?

  2. Posted September 2, 2011 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    Hi Dan,
    Currently it requires somewhat specialised equipment to clock a car. However, I suspect that no matter what safeguards manufacturers implement to prevent clocking, as long as there is sufficient finanical gain, unscrupulous persons will find a workaround. The real elephant in the room is that it is legal to clock a car in Ireland.