2010-November Update

Today we uploaded over 120,000 Mileage records via batch. As of 26th November 2010 14:33 the National Mileage Register contains  3,687,711 individual mileage readings. All our readings are fully traceable and are collected from trade, company and private sources.

Mileage Backlog

We have built up a bit of a backlog uploading mileage as we are extremely busy on other projects. We estimate that the current backlog is in the region of 50-100k records,  however these data files tend to be relatively small <5,000 readings and each file takes about the same amount of time to import no matter how many records it contains. At the current time we are importing the larger files and those containing the most recent sales data. Hopefully we will have caught up by the end of the year.

On a positive note, at our current rate of data upload, (assuming we can catch up with the backlog) we will be very close to our target of 4 million mileage readings  by the close of 2010. Impressive stuff indeed..

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