March 2010 mileage update from Cartell

We’ve been busy lately launching the new Cartell site, so its about time we updated you with our latest mileage information and statistics.

Today we updated the Irish NMR with 229,060 mileage readings received from one of our partners.  Statistically this chunk of data covers 44,901 individual vehicles,  giving an average of just over five readings per vehicle for this particular upload.

As of 23rd March 2010 the Irish NMR contains 2,910,056 individual mileage readings with an average of just over three readings per vehicle. So before you get a pencil out to do the sums our NMR now contains data for over 970,000 individual vehicles. Having multiple readings per vehicle allows us to perform trend analysis on vehicles showing mileage discrepancies facilitating us to quickly weed out any incorrect data.

To put these numbers in perspective the current Irish fleet (Cars, Jeeps, Vans, Lorries, Tractors, etc.) consists of about 2.9 million vehicles  giving the NMR a total fleet coverage of 33%. However, since the readings we have are primarily for private vehicles and cars the level of coverage is significantly higher for these classes.

The Cartell NMR is Irelands largest mileage database and we are looking forward to hitting the three millionth reading milestone in the coming days. Maybe some of us will celebrate with a beer. Or three..

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